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My services include but aren't limited to...

Brand Development

Competitive landscaping ("white space" hunting), Naming/Identity Strategy, Values-proposition assessment.

Business Strategy

Business objectives/KPIs, Sources of volume/revenue, Value proposition, Pricing/bundling strategy.

Brand Visioning

Cultural tension identification, Brand Belief development, Brand Values honing, Brand Position assessment (and testing).

Research Stewardship

Designing, fielding, sense-checking, interpretation, and distillation of all primary and secondary, qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

Vision into Action

Internal/External expression of Brand Belief (recruiting, work environment and culture, product development, corporate comms, advertising, partnerships, etc.).

Brief Writing

Distilling client and agency-sourced information into clear, concise, thought- and action-provoking stimuli that will guide the deployment of a brand's behavior (i.e., its disposition).

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